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140cc pushmower from Craftsman

When you are buying a new house, the one with a small backyard always attracts people more to that house. That way you not only have a small area where you can just lay down on the grass, breath the fresh air and stargaze when the night falls but you can also grow some fresh vegetables for your house which saves up a lot of money in the long run.

But it is always necessary to take care of that garden on a daily basis so that your yard doesn’t start looking like a jungle. Mowing the grass is, therefore, necessary and for that, you need to buy a good pushmower. But with so many varieties and brands of pushmowers available in the market, it gets difficult to select one. So, here is what you need to know about a product that is being chosen by many people nowadays- 140cc pushmower from Craftsman. Following are some of its features:

Quick and even lawn trimming140cc pushmower from Craftsman

The 140cc pushmower from Craftsman is just an ideal product for people who have small yards with up to 1/3 acre of the area with sloped terrain. This product makes mowing your yard a really easy, quick and effortless process with its pull starting system. This pushmower has high rear wheels which ensure extremely efficient trim even if your yard is filled with hills and trees. The 21’’ width of the deck cuts a fine shoulder-width path as you move along the path. You can customise trim using this pushmower as it has 6 cutting heights options from 1.25’’ to 3.75’’ with is 2-point deck height adjusters.

Easy for cleaning

Does your lawn debris and grass clipping pile up too often requiring you to pick it up frequently? Well, that tiring and boring task is no longer required as the 140cc pushmower from Craftsman has 3-in 1 deck which offers mulching, bagging of clippings or side discharge for the convenience of its users. So, as you mow along the path, you will find that the rear bag attached to the pushmower takes away all the grass clippings and land debris so you can either throw them out or you can put them in the brush pile. The rear bag also has a dust blocker which reduces the amount of dust to enter so that you can fill the bag completely with clippings.


The 140cc pushmower from Craftsman is extremely durable and the manufacturers of this product even give 2 years of warranty so if in that time period you face any problem, the company will replace or repair the product free of cost.

Pushmowers are generally not a really cheap buy and if they are, they are not durable and efficient. Therefore, it is necessary that one buys a pushmower that has all the required features and 140cc pushmower from Craftsman passes almost all the needs that one might expect from a pushmower. While it may not be cheap, it is definitely worth its cost and a good idea for you to invest in so that your garden always stays in the best of the conditions.