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pop up tent review

Camping out in wild is adventurous and extraordinary. But living in wild suddenly is quite difficult, especially for first-timers. You have to think about every possible thing you are going to need and have to make everything pitch perfect right. For example, how to escape mosquito bites and how to sleep peacefully among the animals or ‘creatures’ as we say, present there? Well, apart from these we need perfect shelter first of all. And camping directly takes our mind to one direction, known as “tent”.

A tent is made from materials like a fabric; cloth, canvas, nylon, polyester etc. attached to poles for support and serves the purpose of sheltering. It comes in different sizes and shapes. Every single tent has different style and size.

There are ten types of tents-pop up tent review

  • Dome tent
  • Ridge tent
  • Family tent
  • Bell tent
  • Geodesic tent
  • Semi-geodesic tent
  • Backpacking tent
  • Inflatable tent
  • Tunnel tent
  • Pop-up tent, of which we will be talking about.


Pop up tent

As the name explains, these tents have been designed in a way that when you open them, they pop up and take their own shape without the help of any hand. After it takes it shape, you have to tie it down on the ground with a rope. For safety, placing a rock over the rope on the ground is good. It generally holds space for two people only. These are very easy to carry. So, if there is a lot of baggage while going out camping, these tents won’t overload your baggage weight. You can carry them anywhere you want to go.

Closing them is easy in the same way too. Cleaning up before it is essential. First, the poles are folded together which makes the tent come closer in halves. Then they are slid together and compressed to get into their bags.

Advantages of pop up tents:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to carry during travel
  • Is roomy for two people
  • Footprints are small (footprint is the base of tent)
  • Can be fit in anywhere

Disadvantages of pop up tent:

  • Expensive than some tents because of it’s in-built convenience
  • The fabric can experience some wear and tear during extremely high winds
  • There is less headroom
  • Not much suitable for camping in wilderness, backcountry and in harsh weather.


The pricing of pop up tents though commercial, depends upon its size and shape. The range might vary between 1,000 inr to 30,000 inr. But on the other hand if not in favour of making a purchase, you can also rent a tent too; on weekly or daily basis. The range varies from 4,000 inr – 6,000 inr to 7,500 inr – 9,000 inr on daily basis. When you rent, normally the tent comes with a light thin mattress, one bedspread and two pillows. It is most common at large camping sites.

This is currently all for this pop up tent review. Apart from the disadvantages, if you want a lightweight tent which is ready-to-go whenever you want and are camping out in mild weather- pop up tents are your friend!